The purpose of the CoReorient Services is to promote fair and sustainable local sharing economy and the efficient use of resources together with communities and companies. The services help users share goods, transport, services or other assets by mediating requests, offers, information and compensations between them. The services can only be used in compliance with these terms of service, current laws and good manners. The administrator of the services can change these terms of service if needed. The current terms of service can be found on the websites of the services. By registering to the services the user accepts the processing of data and their delivery to third parties according to the privacy policy.

The user must be at least 13 years old. A user who is under 18 years old assures when registering to the services that his or her guardian has studied these terms of service and accepts them. The user information provided by the user must be truthful.

The user has the right to the text, pictures and other content provided to the services. The user is fully responsible for the content, requests, offers and other information provided to the services as well as the agreements and compensations made with the services. The user grants the services and other users the right to use the content according to the purpose of the services. The user grants the service administrator the right to store content, to modify it as needed due to the functionality or purpose of the services or research and development work, to use it when publicly presenting the services, or to remove it.

No warranties are provided on the functionality of the services. The service administrator can terminate a service or its part without prior warning. The user must not assume the stored content or data to be preserved in the services. The user must assess the reasonability and security of actions made in the service and the reliability of other users. The service administrator is under no conditions liable for any damages caused to the users

The service administrator has the right to remove the user from the services and terminate the user’s right to use the services without any particular cause and without any liability for damages.

Unless required by a compelling law, the Finnish law is applied to the services and these terms of service.