If you think the inhabitants in your city or municipality, your employees, local neighbors, club or association members, or customers could be interested in ride sharing, the easiest way to help them get started is to tell them about the service. There is no cost to your organization for utilizing the service in this way, and there is also no cost to the members until they actually start making rides (and even then it is just a small part of the gasoline costs).

Depending on what feels easiest to you, you can send them an email, make a posting on social media, publish a story in the Intranet, or just talk about it when you meet with people. You can freely copy any text and images from these pages to speed up the writing process, or include links to these pages. It is always a good idea to include a link to that they can open directly from the text and see for themselves, or to sign up to the service.


If you want to help your members find each other more easily from among the users in the service, you can get a company account and create a new user group by clicking the group icon on top left and then the “Add group” button. You must perform bank verification of your company account in order to create a new group, and when you have created it you will also become its administrator and be able to edit it by clicking the same group icon.

When you create a new group, you can enter the following information:

  • Group name: name of the group that is easy to recognize for the group’s members as well as other users, and is preferably short so that it fits into the pop-ups and messages shown in the service.
  • Own ride sharing URL: local ride sharing Facebook page, project page, schedule for local public transport times, employer’s mobility campaign or benefits page, or any other external website that is most relevant to the members of this group.
  • Group code: short number that can be shared between members so that they can easily select the group when signing up or editing their user profile. Please note that the number must be unique and that we have reserved the simplest numbers for future use, so you may have to change your initial proposal.
  • Group password: if you use this, users who try to join the group when signing up or editing their user profile must also enter the correct password. You can share this password to them by email, as a note on your workplace, or any other way you feel appropriate.
  • Introduction: a short description of this ride sharing group from which other users can see what the group is about.
  • Organization email domain: domain that must appear in the email address or work email address of any user who wants to join the group (in addition to any group password, if that is used).
  • Organization addresses: locations for the offices of an employer, the meeting or exercise places of a hobby or sports team, the stores of a retailer, local bus stops of local community, or other key locations for the group.
  • Group route 1 and 2: any specific routes and schedules where the group’s members are encouraged to share rides, including drivers picking up such group members in


When an employer or other organization requires more control over its group, it can purchase a service that includes verification of members’ email addresses, report of statistics by group members, ability to set incentives such as parking rights, ability to change group administrator, and other useful features. Ride sharing statistics for a city or municipality will be created automatically based on the home, work and other addresses that users have provided. There is no need to create a separate user group for this purpose.


If an organization would like to have further support, collect survey data, perform advanced analytics or impact studies, have the service customized, or integrate the service to its own services or operations, we can do this as a project that utilizes our service and other implementations as well as our extensive experience and expertise in this field. Call us or send an email and we will think of the best way to help you in this!