PiggyBaggy is a ride sharing service for agreeing and making rides easily and safely with neighbors and other people moving in the same direction. It is especially useful for daily and weekly repeating trips to e.g. work, school, hobbies or grocery store, but also for longer trips e.g. to another town. The rides are done as neighbourly assistance for free or the driver and passenger share only gasoline costs, so there are no problems with the taxation. The more users there are in your area, the easier it is to find people to share rides with!

Sign up to the service and enter your home, work and other address such as the usual grocery store or hobby location, so that people going the same way can find your route on the map and ask whether you could share a ride on some day. This way you can share the trip with more people than just by asking neighbors and colleagues.If your place of work or area has a user group, you can also join it.



You don’t have to accept ride request. For security reasons, detailed route information is only shown to users who have logged in, and only users who have performed bank authentication can  agree on a ride.


You can decline requested ride or stop using the service at any time. Users who are in corona risk groups can find each other in the service and share rides with each other to minimize risks, and users can check any necessary details by phone in the case of a new ride sharing partner. The service is based on sharing gasoline costs, so it does not cause taxable income (the driver saves 4 c/km, the passenger 4 c/km, and 2 c/km is reserved for service operations and development).


So join the service, give a hint to your friends and come along in our quest for all these savings.
By doing this you will also make a good deed for the climate and build a better local community!